Bringing Calyn Home

An Act of Courage

In August 2013, 7 year old Calyn Hoad threw himself in front of a four-wheel-drive to save his younger brother, Kya, who had run out onto a busy street. Kya was miraculously unharmed but Calyn was struck by the vehicle and suffered severe brain injuries, leaving him confined to a wheelchair and a long road to recovery.

We heard about Calyn’s story and were so moved by this little boy’s act of selflessness and courage that we wanted to help. Their family home needed some drastic renovations to accommodate Calyns’ wheel chair and medical equipment once he was released from hospital.

Through a relative, we contacted Calyn’s parents and offered to design and replace their existing kitchen to try make life a little easier for them.

A Project was Born

In the weeks that followed, Channel 7’s ‘Sunday Night’ program aired Calyn’s story and suddenly the ‘Bringing Calyn Home’ project. This attracted a massive amount support in the form of donations, and an army of volunteers from business’s and the community. Lead by the team at Creative Commercial Projects the transformation of Calyn’s home was orchestrated in 8 short weeks. During this time, Calyn’s family were living with his grandparents and whilst Calyn’s parents were aware that their home was being modified, their family and friends kept secret the enormity of this project.

Interior designers from Cotter & Jewell Interiors flew to the Gold Coast a number of times to plan and style the home and we worked closely with them to design the kitchen space. Seeing how much work was required in such a short time we also fitted out a new laundry in the home.

Like most renovations, the days leading up to the deadline were madly spent applying the finishing touches and styling, at which point we were asked if it would be at all possible to make some Lego themed furniture for Kya’s room.

Finally ‘reveal’ day came around, and with the Lego furniture finished that morning and couriered to the house, we could finally relax. That afternoon we watched from the street as the family was given the keys to their new home, their reaction made the whole experience worthwhile for us and we feel very lucky to have been part of such a wonderful journey.

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